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Value Learning Center is based on a collaborative engaged education methodology which infuses real life experience into knowledge exchange. Our focus is not just on professional growth but also supporting personal life real word needs.

Our methodology is one of practical knowledge exchange through collaborative and applied participation. 

We utilize instructor led virtual (online) sessions reinforced through on demand modules with follow up reenforcement coaching. 


Our Team of Instructors are highly trained and experienced professionals. 

Stephanie Walczak, Esquire

Stephanie is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania  and New Jersey leading our content on legal aspects of businesses as well as personal needs. Helping others has long been a focus reaching back to her undergrad at Kutztown University through her law degree from Western Michigan Cooley Law School. Her legal expertise brings a real world reality to many challenges we all face in our business and personal lives. 

Amanda Kizer, EdD (LinkedIn)

If you combine passion, patience, and perseverance with a sprinkling of positivity, you have Amanda Kizer. Amanda is a workplace education practitioner, instructional designer, and eLearning developer with a passion for connecting learning with organizational performance. Amanda provides methodology support for Value Learning Center delivery and content.

Ed Walczak, PMP (LinkedIn)

Ed is a Project Management Professional with over 30 years of experience. Ed also leads Value Services USA product development service providing new idea support from idea through patent submission to supply and sale. His board spectrum of experience infuses a practical level to the content for effective application.

In addition we have subject matter experts in speciality areas such as safety, healthcare, insurance, accounting, marketing, elder care and many more supporting accurate content and best practices.

Ed is also the administrator and founder of the Value Learning Center.


VEER Guided

Value through Efficient Effective Results (VEER) is a operational methodology expanding the principles of Total Quality Management, LEAN and Six Sigma for all levels of the organization. 



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